Theft, vehicle misuse, and high insurance rates can quickly cripple any service fleet. Take control of your safety issues with a fleet vehicle tracking system that is designed to fit your particular needs.

Deviation in Route and Spike in Fuel Use

Our fleet GPS tracking system can effectively monitor mileage and keep tabs on fuel utilization. This information is collected by a device installed in the vehicle and can be retrieved by fleet managers consistently. If you believe company assets are being misused or theft, a fleet GPS tracking system can remove any question in your mind.

Monitor Extreme Wasting

A vehicle wasting consumes fuel, and although this is satisfactory at a certain level, excessive wasting is bad news for fuel utilization. A fleet tracking system can show when your vehicles are wasting for a remarkably long period of time, and thus wasting fuel and being commonly unproductive.

Unapproved Stops

Unapproved stops waste fuel and time. Our GPS tracking system monitors your drivers when you can’t, and alerts you to unauthorized driving activity at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to wonder if company equipment is being misused!

An inefficient route wastes money in both lost time and fuel usage. Power to Grow Fleet Tracking’s routing system includes the essential features needed to keep vehicles on the most efficient routes possible.

Plan routes efficiently

When you don’t use efficient route planning for your fleet, your drivers tend to spend too much time on the road either by intentionally taking the long route or getting lost by using outdated navigation devices. Either way, that’s wasting of mileage.

There's no need for manual monitoring, GPS trackers can do it for you. It can provide you the shortest routes to the fleet’s destination and sends alerts to let you know if your driver is running over the speed limit, idling, using company vehicle without your permission or needing turn-by-turn directions to its destination.