PTGvoice Service

Save Big Values on Business VoIP Services

Save up to 60% by switching to PTGvoice without losing any features that you are used to.  Caller ID, Call waiting, Three way calling, and voicemail are all included.  We also offer phony/spam call blocking for free.  We help to reduce pesky phone calls from "Google", "Microsoft", "IRS" and various telemarketers.

Average savings is around half of what AT&T charges and 39% of what Spectrum/Time Warner charges for phone service.

You’ll love our VoIP Cloud-hosted Services

We know that work happens in more places than just in the office and long after traditional business hours are done. Your business phone features can be accessed on your smartphones, laptops or desktops whenever you need them.

Perks of using Cloud-hosted services:
  • Get notified of incoming calls on every device so you can always be found.
  • Virtual Receptionist makes sure you get the calls you need. You can even set different rules for weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  • Make calls from your business phone number using our app.  No longer do you have to give out your cell phone number to random customers.

Actual Analytics

Want to know how many calls are received per hour?  Done.

Want to know how long people chat for?  Done.

Want to know who your employees are calling?  Done.

We offer comprehensive call detail records with time, date, length, who called and who was called.  We also offer the ability to export the records into most major formats for searchability.


With the world today, you need to be able to rely on your phone company to work with you.  PTGvoice can scale with you.  From one line to 1000, we have the capacity and the knowledge to help you service your customers and keep employees productive.

From a home user with one line to a restaurant that takes 300 calls in a night, we can develop a solution that will work great for your company.


24/7 IT Support

No matter what time of day or night, you can rely on PTGvoice to keep your business talking.  Offering 24 hour ticketing support with American employees, we are always available to help you when the need arises.

Find out how PTGvoice can help your business communicate better.