Fleet Fuel Usage

Reduce fuel usage by 19% through better maintenance with our Power to Grow devices. Our GPS technology tracks aggressive driving, fuel-ups, and maintenance of every vehicle in your fleet. Managing vehicle fuel economy helps you stay greener and save money at the same time.

Our GPS tracking solution enables to reduce fleet fuel costs is simple, businesses can monitor engine idling and vehicle speed as well. Vehicles can be routed and stop added on the fly, in or out-of-state and in real-time. By using this information to change driving behaviors, vehicle monitoring helps reduce fuel costs.

Reduce Idling and See Savings

Using our GPS software solution helps reduce instances of engine idling, one of the chief contributors to fuel waste.

When drivers let their engine idle during the day they are getting 0 mpg.

The data retrieved through GPS tracking and reporting has shown that, depending on engine size and air conditioner use, one hour of engine idling can burn one half-gallon of fuel.

If you have a fleet of just four drivers that idle one hour per day each, your fleet would waste 2 gallons of gas per day. This can add up on a monthly basis.

Reduce personal use

Another way GPS tracking can help reduce fuel cost is by monitoring the fleet’s whereabouts. Fleet trackers can provide you the means to find out whether your driver is using company vehicles for personal use, for example, an employee using the company truck for his side job.

Plan routes efficiently

When you don’t use efficient route planning for your fleet, your drivers tend to spend too much time on the road either by intentionally taking the long route or getting lost by using outdated navigation devices. Either way, that’s wasting of mileage.

There's no need for manual monitoring, GPS trackers can do it for you. It can provide you