Septic system service companies often have to respond to customer emergencies and spend all of their time at various job sites. This is why GPS vehicle tracking is so important for this industry. Power to Grow gives you 24/7 access to your fleet vehicles’ location and activities, making it easier for you to efficiently dispatch your fleet and ensure your technicians reach your customers when they need you. We use products with Live Trac technology that offer real-time tracking information. This can help your company keep costs down and improve services to become more competitive with other businesses in your area.

GPS Helps Keep Costs Low for Plumbing Companies

A GPS plumbing tracker can help lower costs in several ways. Since Power to Grow uses Live Trac technology, you always have access to detailed information in real time. Instead of struggling to manage your fleet, you have the information you need to make smart choices that will lower your business costs.

GPS Helps Plumbing Companies Offer Better Services

Real-time GPS tracking can also help your plumbing business offer better services to clients. Many companies find that using Power to Grow helps them

  • Coordinate the efforts of multiple employees (such as when one worker needs additional help with a plumbing repair)
  • Provide real-time driving information that helps plumber avoid heavy traffic so they reach their destinations sooner
  • Create efficient route schedules to serve more clients per day

Making Your Business More Competitive with Power to Grow

Power to Grow is a GPS tracking plumbing company that can help make your business more competitive by lowering your business costs and improving your client services. When you have access to detailed information about your employee’s whereabouts and activities, you can make better choices that help you stand out from other plumbers in the area.


Like any business, house cleaning companies must engage with finding and keeping customers, managing margins, and balancing quality with growth. They also have the added challenge of managing mobile employees.

Monitoring remote employees and maximizing their efficiency is difficult, to say the least. That’s why more and more residential cleaning companies are turning to global positioning system (GPS) technology for help.

Here are a few reasons of Power to Grow GPS tracking solution in Cleaning:

  • Employee Safety
  • Effectively Schedule Employees
  • Monitor & Manage Fleet Activity
  • Reduce Labor by 35%
  • Fuel Savings of 25%
  • Provide Proof of Service