Reduce Risky driving Habits and improve safety

Using Power to Grow tracking system you can coach your drivers to safer driving habits not only reduces your risk as a business owner, but it can also save your money. Our real-time GPS tracking system gives you a host of tools for improving driver safety, including:

  • Real-time alerts or summary notifications for unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Safety scores for individual drivers and your entire fleet.
  • Real-time locations if a vehicle breaks down on the road.
  • A grade for each driver’s overall performance.
  • An overall safety grade for your entire fleet.

Accident Recreation

Secure yourself in the official courtroom with accident analytics from our GPS vehicle tracking software. Power to Grow’s accident diversion ability gives a millisecond breakdown of an accident with a detailed measure of impact, acceleration, and direction.

Liability Decline

Our fleet management technology will help decrease your insurance rates through reduced claims, better theft, liability protection, and accident recreation. Fleet safety starts behind the wheel, give your drivers the tools to stay safe and on time.