Landscaping and Lawn

Cut Down on Lost Revenue with GPS Tracking

GPS fleet and equipment tracking can be a landscaping company’s best friend. Power to Grow tracking solution offers businesses the ability to increase labor productivity, reduce equipment theft, and manage government regulation and labor issues. As an employer, you will be able to use your tracking system to know how long your crews are at each job site, know how long your crews spend at stores and break locations, and know if your vehicles or equipment are out on the job after-hours.

Improve Safety & Liability

GPS tracking for landscaping solves many common issues faced by landscape professionals. Safety is a major concern that everyone faces. One very expensive aspect of safety is vehicle accidents. Wrecks effect fleet expenses, insurance costs, and open frightening liability issues. What would eliminating one major accident do for your bottom line? A second area is productivity. Everyone knows how slowly employees go to job sites and how quickly they can return at the end of the day. Landscape managers worry about crews that overlap service areas, padded time sheets, and time wasted at the office in the morning. GPS tracking technology solves these and many other important issues. Power to Grow will show you how to spot low productivity and drive up your profits.

With seasonal businesses like landscaping, GPS tracking can prove even more valuable because every workday has increased importance to the success of the company. Every hour that the equipment sits idle, is stuck in transit or is used improperly (such as moonlighting) significantly impacts the financial success of the company. Just like any other company with a mobile workforce, the cost of lost or stolen equipment goes far beyond the price to replace what is lost. It also includes the cost of lost time in the field and jobs not completed with the replacement process takes place. A good GPS tracking solution like ours can virtually eliminate that cost.