Fast and Plug & Play Installation

Our GPS Tracking Installed in Seconds per Vehicle

The speed of installation is one of the key features in the modern technology era. The devices plug in directly to your vehicles’ onboard diagnostics port and start transferring data instantly.

Installation can be done in a matter of seconds. If you’re running a fleet of any size, time is precious – and the time you will save will relief you make the most of the efficiency of your transition to GPS flee tracking. Our devices are durable, secure and entirely self-contained

Compatible and Portable Between Any Vehicle

Power to Grow GPS tracking devices are compatible with more vehicles than any other GPS device on the market and because this GPS vehicle tracking device is so easily installed, it also means that it’s easy to move between vehicles. There’s no need to plan for vehicle interruption to remove the vehicle tracking device from one vehicle and install it into the next.  Our GPS devices support past and current model vehicles, including:

  • Diesel
  • Gas
  • Hybrid
  • Electric

Compatible vehicles include small cars, vans, pick-ups, cab-overs, 5-tons, big rigs, heavy equipment, and any vehicle with a diagnostic port.

Additionally, the devices also easily integrate with:

  • Satellite tracking.
  • Garmin navigation & messaging.
  • Other sensors & controls.

The capabilities are endless of Power to Grow fleet tracking.  Contact Us for more capabilities.