Auto Service and Sales

Make Renting and Leasing Stress-Free

One of the greatest liabilities facing auto leasing businesses is tracking down lessees that fail to make payments on their vehicles. With GPS tracking on the leased car or truck, you can locate your property quickly and easily to make the handling a broken lease easy. For car rental companies, not only can you easily track down non-returned vehicles, but you can keep track of mileage traveled service needs, and vehicle wear and tear.

Auto sales can be a challenging business. Keeping track of all of your vehicles while they’re on the lot is tough enough, but when you add in test drives and leases, the task gets much tougher. With GPS vehicle tracking, you can track the location of your cars, keep up with mileage is driven, maintain your service schedule, and ensure that each vehicle’s lease terms are followed properly.

Auto rental companies face many similar challenges. Maintaining your rental fleet is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. With fleet tracking, you are able to track mileage on all of your vehicles, keep up with service needs, locate vehicles that are not returned on time, and make sure that your rentals vehicles are rotated so as to avoid having some vehicles put on much more wear and tear than others.