Ever wonder what happens in your store when you're not there?

Wonder no longer.  With our auditing and mystery shopping services, We will help you find out!  We offer a wide range of scenarios to ensure the most accurate data.

unrevealed audits

Unrevealed audits, more commonly refered as "Mystery Shopping" is where the auditor poses as a normal customer and conducts business like a normal customer.  Most elements can be measured, from the moment that our auditor enters the parking lot to the time they leave.  Common metrics include: Speed of Service, Store appearance, Employee presentation, Employee sales techniques, and product knowledge.  This type of audit provides a great customers point of view to your business.  Unrevealed audits are as detailed as possible.  Our main objective is to maintain covert so that accurate customer experience data can be collected.

Revealed audits

Want to ensure your brand is being well represented?  Our auditors will ensure that your image is how YOU want it.  Our auditors will enter your location, announce with an employee, and then proceed with the audit.  We are fully equipped to measure, document, and photograph anything desired. Our revealed audits give a comprehensive look at the location in question to ensure compliance.  Reports are fully detailed and any non compliant items are fully documented with photography to prevent "He said, She said" scenarios.